Women aged 18 – 65+ with serious and persistent mental illness, who identify themselves as experiencing a “crisis” and are able to direct their care can receive these support services at Margaret’s:

  • Advocacy, Information and referral
  • Accompaniment
  • Counselling
  • Problem Solving

Women who do not need inpatient care, but require stabilization within a 24 hour supervised setting, are inpatient psychiatric hospitalization candidates whose hospitalization may be reduced by a time-limited placement in a transitional setting supplemented by support and medication monitoring. Women who are at risk of homelessness and are vulnerable to abuse.

Family members of women who require relief from these care giving services:

  • medication management
  • 24-hour supervision and monitoring by trained staff
  • care within a female environment that is safe and welcoming
  • cooking and laundry facilities
  • engagement in daily programming and social recreation activities

Clients who do not already have a psychiatrist can receive an assessment, on-going monitoring and treatment and a second opinion.


An information and referral line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crisis Support

24 hour staffed assistance aiding in advocacy, referrals and counselling.

Expressive Art Therapy

Form of psychotherapy that engages clients in open-ended play using various art methods.

Medication Monitoring

We optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients through management.

Wellness and Education

We provide clients with opportunities to expand their knowledge on various health issues and lifestyle choices.

Natural Supports

We help clients make personal associations and relationships typically developed in communities.

WRAP Program

Empowers participants through a series of workshops focusing on relapse prevention, illness education and wellness tools. Operates strictly from a peer-to-peer model.

ISS Program

The individualized senior support program caters to clients over 55 experiencing mental health issues. We offer semi-supportive apartment buildings and focus on facilitating the recruitment of service providers.

Community Dining Program

Women from the community get together to help create wholesome meals for each other, while also socializing and learning new recipes to share with clients and friends.