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Creating a Comprehensive and Engaging Volunteer Training Program

What do you volunteers need to know to be successful? This webinar will start with the basics and help you understand how to determine what information you should be sharing with your volunteers, and how that can be used to create a curriculum. We'll then discuss how to present this information in a variety of ways using different delivery methods that appeal to adult learners. Assessing what your volunteers have learned, and creating ongoing training and professional development training for your volunteers will also be covered.

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How to Create/Update Your Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook

Email signatures are powerful, low-cost, high-return marketing tools for a non-profits organization like ours.  What’s interesting is how seldom people think about utilizing the power of email signatures.  Consider this:  If Margaret's has a total of 30 employees, each of whom sends 15 emails daily outside the organization, then (assuming 250 business days) that’s 112,500 business cards or ads distributed annually, at no extra cost.  So What Is an Email Signature?

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