Meeting Individuals ‘Where They Are At”

When personal crisis hits, individuals may not always be able to reach services in a timely manner. At Margaret’s, we believe in responding to needs right in the community where people are. That is why we piloted a successful Community Engagement Team (CET).

The team is a visible presence in the Downtown East community with the goal of serving individuals who are experiencing various challenges related to poverty, homelessness, mental health, addiction, and their intersections.

While many services exist in the neighbourhood, there was a gap in service for vulnerable persons on the streets. Through this initiative, we connect with people ‘where they are at’.

Mobile Crisis Intervention

We see the community as an integral whole and recognize that perceptions of safety are essential to the well-being of residents and businesses in the neighbourhood.

The CET works as a mobile crisis intervention service whereby community members can call us directly if they have encountered a person, either on the street or in a business, who may need the professional support of a social service worker.

Signs of someone in crisis may include:


Appears distressed or unwell (crying, yelling, extreme agitation)


Seems disoriented or confused


Delayed or lack of normal responses


Exhibits body movements that include wringing, contortions, shaking or uncontrolled pacing


Loitering that has become disruptive to the functioning of the business


Communities Safer

We get to know many community members facing various challenges and therefore we are able to come in and act as ‘allies’ who can provide emotional support, referral or accompaniment to services.

Our philosophy is that by serving the most vulnerable, we are making the community safer for everyone.

We are not a replacement for emergency 911 calls. We encourage the people to call 911 if there is:


a crime in progress (violence, assault, robbery, etc.)


a medical emergency


a fire

If you are unsure, you can always call 911 or non-emergency police at 416-808-2222. Feel free to call us as well and we will try to direct you to the right course of action.

Guiding Principles


Integral-communal in scope


Trauma-informed/Anti-Oppressive Practice driven


Harm-reduction based


Self-determination; strengths-based approach


LBGTQ2+ informed


Cultural and linguistically competent


Housing First strategy (as a fundamental right)


Trust and transparency with all community members

Community Engagement Initiative

How You Can Help

Margaret’s is working on the frontline, seeing first hand how much positive impact our Community Engagement Team Initiative (CET) is having in the Downtown East community. 

We are on a mission to reach more vulnerable persons on the street and meet them ‘where they are at’. We want to take this model and expand our approach to other areas in need. We need your help to do it!

Community Engagement

Help us meet people Where They Are At.

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