This Holiday, You Can Bring Hope to Neighbours in Need


As we get ready to usher in the holiday season with friends and loved ones, we can’t help but think of the economic hardships many individuals will face this holiday season. Unaffordable housing, high cost of living, lack of secure employment and inadequate government support are pushing more people into extreme poverty and homelessness.

The holidays offers a wonderful opportunity to show gratitude for your life’s abundance and helps to reimagine a world built upon shared humanity and generosity. 

Your donation can help us fight poverty by providing a warm meal, housing support, health clinics, and other life-saving community services. Together, we can fight poverty in our local community, and it all starts with you!


#GiveHope This Holiday Season

With your help and a shared mission to build a better world, join the movement this holiday season and help lend your voice to inspiring positive change in your local community. Give a little to make a massive impact on the lives of neighbours in need.

Help us bring hope to vulnerable neighbours by donating this holiday season – every act of generosity counts!



Give Hope

Now more than ever, your help is urgently needed! You can be a lifeline for Toronto’s most vulnerable.

Your gift of $50, $75, $100 or whatever amount you choose to give can be life-changing, even life-saving. With your steadfast support, you enable us to continue to fulfill our mission to meet people where they’re at.


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