You Can Provide Food Security For Vulnerable Neighbours  In Need


Imagine living on a limited income and spending almost 100% of your income on rent. This is the stark reality many of our clients are facing. The working poor are being left behind without any safety net, and community food programs are often the only way to access food.

Although we would like to view food insecurity through a different lens unrelated to a bigger social problem, we can no longer afford to turn our eyes blind. Food insecurity is a symptom of a much more dire crisis in Toronto. Unaffordable housing, high cost of living, lack of secure employment and inadequate government support are pushing more people into extreme poverty and homelessness.


CURB Hunger With #FullPlates

Poverty continues to be the biggest driver of food insecurity in our city. Inflation has caused the cost of living to rise, leading more people than ever before to rely on food banks for support.

Margaret’s is on a mission to curb hunger in Toronto’s Downtown East. Please help us to continue to provide meals to neighbours in need. 



CURB Hunger

You can be a lifeline for Toronto’s most vulnerable. A gift of $30 can provide five individuals with a nutritious meal and make a huge impact on the lives of people in your community. Fight poverty right now by making a donation today!


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