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Curb Hunger #FullPlates
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Curb Hunger #FullPlates

Ensure Your Vulnerable Neighbours Have Access to Nutritious Meals


Our drop in clients are nutritionally vulnerable and often have pre-existing health conditions meaning they are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

Our demand for meals has significantly increased. Please help us respond to this demand with a donation. Your generosity will help with the unexpected costs of food, delivery, and supplies as we package meals to-go.


CURB Hunger With #FullPlates

With limited options during COVID, 400 vulnerable individuals come to Margaret’s every day in search of food. By supporting our #FullPlates efforts, you can ensure your vulnerable neighbours have daily access to meals at our drop-in and through our delivery service. A gift of just $20 will provide 6 individuals with a nutritious meal.



COVID – Meals-to-Go

You can be a lifeline for Toronto’s most vulnerable.


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Fax: (416) 461-4866

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