Save Lives

You Can Help Curb COVID-19 Among Toronto’s Most Vulnerable.


Non-essential closures and limited access to other support make it extra challenging for our homeless neighbors to maintain their hygiene. 

As our response efforts evolve on a daily basis, we need your help to curb the spread. Masks, p.p.e and cleaning supplies are essential in protecting our at risk clients and frontline staff. Your gift to #MaskUp will ensure that our spaces remain clean and safe. 





#MaskUp & Save Lives

Can Margaret’s rely on your support to ensure that our essential services continue during this pandemic? 

Help keep our vulnerable clients and frontline staff safe with a #MaskUp gift. Your generosity will cover the unexpected cost of p.p.e. and cleaning supplies as our health and safety measures increase.



COVID – Masks & PPE

You can be a lifeline for Toronto’s most vulnerable. 


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