Winchester 1000+

Faced with an increasing demand, we are on a mission to expand our supportive housing stock to include 35 new modern units on Winchester Avenue in Toronto. Join our community of givers to support women experiencing mental illness and homelessness. Pledge to become one of our 1000+ champions!


Women & Homelessness

Women make up 27.3% of those experiencing homelessness. 75% of them live with mental illness. When women become homeless, they are at increased risk of violence and assault, sexual exploitation and abuse.

 While some women make use of violence against women shelters, others wind up in homeless shelters that are not equipped to deal with their specific needs.

Source: Homeless Hub

We Are Changing the Game!

Through the Winchester Project, we are paving the way to housing women in need in the modern era.

 In partnership with the Affordable Housing Office at the City of Toronto, Toronto Housing Corporation, and the provincial and the federal governments, the initiative aims to:


redevelop 4 heritage houses in the neighbourhood of Cabbagetown, in downtown Toronto


turn the houses into 35 beautiful self-contained apartments with 24-hour care and supervision.

We need your help to make this a reality!

Long-Term Impact

When you support Margaret’s Winchester 1000+ Campaign, your donations help us create a community of change makers committed to the long-term success of the most vulnerable women in the city.

 Together, let’s keep women off the streets, provide housing solutions and supportive programs that empower and inspire positive change.

Winchester 1000+

Building a Community of Givers

How You Can Help

We have launched a powerful campaign called Winchester 1000+, representing the 1,000 generous donors we need to seed the operation of this project (estimated at one million dollars annually) by donating $1,000 each, you can inspire countless more to join the movement by donating what they can!

Be part of a community of givers. Outstanding individuals and organizations committed to providing safe and affordable long-term accommodations for women living with mental illness!


Help us achieve our goal. With capital funding secured, we need your support in ensuring adequate staffing and support for the women at Winchester, each year.

 Helps us raise $1,000,000 to cover our annual operating budget, or pledge for 3-year giving.

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