B in Action Toronto

B Corporations are Coming Together as a Force for Good in Toronto

“B in Action” is a community project created to demonstrate what happens when businesses focused on the triple bottom line (People, Planet & Profit ) come together in support of a good cause. Certified B Corporations, startups and pending B Corps were invited to do good by donating products and funds to support a local charitable organization.

Toronto, October 02, 2017 – Diane Walter, Executive Director of Margaret’s Housing & Community Support Services (Margaret’s) is thrilled to accept product donations collected at 555 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7 (Paintbox Catering & Bistro) on October 2nd, 2017. The event will start at 12:30 pm and ends at 2:00 pm.

On October 3rd to 5th of this year, more than 500 Leaders of the Certified B Corporations will gather in Toronto, Canada for the 2017 Champions Retreat and celebrate 10 years milestone as a powerful global community of practice on servant leadership, collective action, and impact. This is the first time the Champions Retreat is being held in a Canadian city.  B In Action, is a collaborative event in partnership with Leesa and Raw Office to give retreat participants the opportunity to put triple bottom line values into action in Toronto, the host city of this year’s Champion Retreat.  Acting on the theme, “INTERDEPENDENCE”, the global B Corporations Community is invited to act individually, collectively, and with others to make a difference for a local charitable non-profit organization that could really use the help from the force for good.

Housing is health.  At Margaret’s, we believe this is fundamental to women’s well being.  This cannot be more timely; October 2 is the start of Mental Illness Awareness Week.  Hope and recovery are our core messages to raise awareness on the intersections between homelessness, mental illnesses and health.  Project like ‘B in Action’ is one of the answers to our community struggles. When businesses come together as a force for good, change becomes possible.  B Corps are the Champions of Change indeed.  We are grateful for the leadership put forth by Francis Yap, Jeff Golfman (Founder of Raw Office) and Jen-Al Notman (Head of Social Impact, Leesa Sleep) on this project, as well as everyone that have made a contribution.

Diane Walter

Executive Director

The force for good contributed the following products and services (estimated at $177,150.00 in retail values) for the inaugural “B IN ACTION” Toronto event in support of Margaret’s:

Leesa – 200 mattresses

Raw Office – 1,400 rolls of 100% recycled toilet paper and paper towel

Mission Informatics (MI) –  Branding & graphic design

Ramp Media – Social media strategy

Paintbox Catering & Bistro – Venue space

Lunapads – 300 rewashable Lunapads

Dogeared – 50 necklaces

BDC (Business Development Canada) – Event Catering

Tableau Filtered Water – Warehouse space

Ian Martin Group – 10 tuques, 5 blankets, and 10 pairs of wool socks

W.S. Badger Company – 200 lip balms

Kind Bars – 360 Kind Bars

Genuine Health – 200 Health bars

Corporate Knights – 30 bars of soap

Oliberte – 4 pairs of baby shoes

DoseBiome Inc. – 408 bottles happy mouthwash

Patagonia – 2 backpacks

To find out more about B Corporation. visit https: www.bcorporation.net.

For making a difference in one of Margaret’s programs and services, please visit https: margarets.ca.

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